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Dr. Yash Bhargava


There is a saying ‘A good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient who has the disease’. Dr. Yash Bhargava is the best doctor Kota and a great physician. Belonging to the highest cadre of doctors in Kota in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Dr. Yash Bhargava is considered as one of the best surgeons in his area of specialization.

Educational background

Basically an M.B.B.S. from J L N Medical College situated in Ajmer, Dr. Yash Bhargav graduated in the year 2000. He gained his Masters in Surgery (M.S) in the year 2004 from R N T Medical College in Udaipur. He completed his FAMSI in 2004 alongside his masters in surgery during the same year. He had his value adding training in the Critical Care Unit at the world famous AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. Dr. Yash Bhargav had the perfect opportunity to get trained on Proctology under the mind-boggling expertise of Dr. Ashwin Patel in the Center of Excellence situated in Pune.

Special Interests

Right from his early days as a Trainee in AIIMS in Delhi and Centre of Excellence in Pune, Dr. Yash Bhargav evinced immense interest in Minimal invasive surgeries. Laparoscopic Surgeries and Laser Surgeries which were minimal invasive by nature attracted him more than the traditional ones. He relished gaining knowledge in these areas and attended many conferences and seminars on Minimal Invasive Surgeries. His unquenched thirst for learning about minimally invasive surgeries made him carry out in-depth studies in the area. He presented value adding papers on Minimal Invasive Surgeries in many of these Conferences held at both State and National levels. These papers went on to prove to the medical world that he is an epitome of knowledge when it comes to Minimal Invasive Surgeries.

Dream come true

Dr. Yash Bhargava established Rama Krishna Multispeciality Hospital in the district of Kota in Rajasthan during February 2015. Ramakrishna multi-speciality hospital is a huge complex that houses a Nursing Home alongside a General Hospital and a Charitable Medical Unit that serves the underprivileged people with free services. Ramakrishna multi-speciality hospital is a dream come true for Dr. Yash Bhargav. For this reason, he ensures that the medical unit is equipped with state of art medical and technological gadgets at all points of time.dr yash bhargav best doctor kota rama krishna hospital kota

He relishes his dream of building a hospital to a great extent and offers treatments for various types of ailments that distress people. He uses his extensive knowledge in minimally invasive surgeries to treat critical illnesses like Fistula, Piles, Fissure and Cyst. The hospital has well-set systems and multiple Departments that treat people in various areas like Gynecology, Medicine, Obstetrics and Surgery. He has provided relief to thousands of patients from experiencing nagging ailments like the ones mentioned above. He has treated many patients permanently through Laser Surgeries and Laparoscopic Surgeries. His immense knowledge in Minimal Invasive surgeries has helped innumerable patients gain their normal healthy back without pain or any necessity to undergo the process in a repeated manner.